How to Find Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan

If you are looking for the latest government jobs in Pakistan then you are at the right place. Today, we will guide you on how to find your dream and government jobs in Pakistan. Pakistan. Just like you, other people are also looking for and want to start his/her career in Government Sector in Pakistan, on the basis of their fields and Education background after graduation.

However, the desire for a thing is not enough for achieving that. To get the desire, all of us are required to do more struggle for reaching our goal in each and every stage of our life. In fact, a lot of people consider that they cannot get any types of Government job in Pakistan. The fact is that they have applied for a lot of jobs in all most every department of Pakistan, but they think that due to corruption, nepotism, and mismanagement in merits, they are always ignored.

But we don’t agree with this kind of belief. We can assure you that if you have the guts and if you are eligible in all circumstances and furthermore, you meet the criteria then you will surely get your desired Government jobs in Pakistan. It is, therefore, we stressed that it is not as difficult as most peoples in Pakistan think most of the time.

Tips To Get Government Jobs in Pakistan

In the below paragraphs we will try to present and discuss a few useful tips to get a government job in Pakistan.  These tips will help you to get your desired government jobs in any government department. You should know about these tips. By following our tips, you will not only get perfect and your desired Government jobs in Pakistan but also in other countries of the world. You will find Pakistan Government will be your future employer and your job will be secure as compared to private companies and NGO’s.

  1. You should read the English Daily NewsPapers on daily basis. Also, watch English news channels to further enhance your vocabulary and general information.
  2. Those who are interested in CSS exams should also show up themselves in PMS, ETEA, NTS, FTS, and other kinds of departmental enrollment tests and interviews as well. This will check their preparation level for high competition examinations.
  3. You should try to choose those subjects which you are interested to select in high competition exams like CSS & PMS as optional subjects.
  4. You can also further improve your confidence level by taking an interest in co-curricular exercises, like test competitions, amasses exchange, talks & debates, and sound games.
  5. In addition to the above-mentioned points, you should also take in the specialty of experimental writing. This kind of writing practice will really help you in improving your noting skill of any type of inquiry, especially in your own words.
  6. Our sixth point and tip for finding the latest government jobs in Pakistan is that you should also read books on different topics like general information, current affairs, and other relevant books. It is because just experimental writing abilities are not sufficient and it is, therefore, needed that you also have more command about general learning. Once you read out some informational book on the above mentions subjects you will be able to compose proper passages on any subjects. And for that purpose, you will also have adequate data about that topic.
  7. Our 7th point and tip for how to find the latest government jobs in Pakistan are that you need to concentrate more on your examinations like CSS, FPSC, PMS, PCS, ETEA, NTS, and like more. After giving more time to study for the above exams, you will be able to clear and pass them. In addition to these exams, you also need to prepare yourself for departmental enrollment tests as well.
  8. If you are interested to get Pak Army Jobs, Pak Navy Jobs, Pakistan Air force Jobs, PAF Jobs in Pakistan, PME jobs, then you must sufficiently increase your IQ & EQ level of knowledge. In this way, you will be able to find your desired and latest government jobs in Pakistan. It is also necessary that you should further improve your general information, academics, and relational abilities.
  9. Try again, and again and again. This is one of the best tips and strategies for success. You never have to lose your heart and never disappoint when you fail in any exam or enlistment test/interview in any government job in any government department of Pakistan. Yours continues struggle will definitely help you to give a bright future.

List of best Government jobs in Pakistan

Here is a list of the best government jobs in Pakistan. As there are a lot of government sectors and departments in Pakistan. But some of them are most poplars. They are given in the below lines.

Best jobs in Pakistan Government Sector:

There are many Government departments where anyone can go after a reasonable qualification. For government jobs in Pakistan in every field of Life from Principle to guard in all provinces of Pakistan Punjab Government jobs, Sindh Government Jobs, KPK Government jobs, Baluchistan Government jobs, Azad Kashmir jobs, Gilgit Baltistan Government jobs. The priority may be different according to your choice and the city where are you living.

CSS Government Jobs in Pakistan

CSS stands for Central Superior Service in Pakistan. It is considered one of the best and most popular government jobs provider departments in Pakistan. Each year thousands of candidates apply for this exam and after that, they give an exam in the said commission. Those who get more marks in written papers and interviews are then selected for Government jobs in Pakistan. It is one of the most secure and beneficial government jobs in Pakistan.

PMS Jobs

PMS stands for provincial management services. The provincial government of each province often offers these government jobs each year. It is the second most popular attractive government job in Pakistan. Just like CSS jobs, thousands of eligible candidates apply for the PMS vacancies and then give the competitive examination. Those candidates who get more marks in this competitive exam and interview are then selected for the Government jobs in the respective province of Pakistan.

PCS Government Jobs

PCS stands for “Public Service Commission”. Unlike CSS and PMS jobs, there is no proper exam held for these jobs. Once several vacancies become vacant in a government department, then the provincial government decides to announce them in the daily newspapers of Pakistan. Those who are eligible and apply for the advertised vacant positions, then a written/MCQs type of paper is taken from them. And those candidates who pass the test with outstanding marks are then called for an interview. The interview is taken by the selection board, consisting of the members of the public service commission.


The federal and provincial government also announce the Lecturers’ jobs time by time. Whenever multiple lecturer’s jobs become vacant in several colleges or universities, the respective government then advertises these jobs in the daily newspapers. Those who are eligible and interested in these jobs apply for them. However, the government may have the right to decide whether to hire people on proper public service commission, Adhoc base, or on a contract basis. If these posts are vacant in the federal educational department, then the federal public service commission will make arrangements and if these are vacant in provincial educational departments then the provincial public service commission will be responsible to make the necessary arrangement.

Armed Forces

Armed forces simply mean Pak Army, Pak Navy, Pakistan air force also called PAF and MI. it is another government job type. The recruitment process of these armed forces is quite different from the federal and provincial public service commissions. In Pak Army, Pak Navy, or Pakistan Air Force, when a person passes the intermediate examination, so he/she become eligible to apply for the vacant positions of the said department. One point should also be noted that before applying for these government jobs, make sure that your height and width meet their criteria. You will also need to pass the written test and “Intelligence Test”. After that, you will be called for an interview which is also very interesting and tough. When selected on commission, you will be offered lieutenant jobs. And with the passage of time, you can get the rank of four-star general, air marshal, etc.

Polices Jobs

Police jobs are also one of the most searchable terms on google not only in Pakistan but also in India. It is another most popular government job in Pakistan. The police department hires suitable candidates on two types of procedures. One is on the commission base and the second one is on writer test, physical test, and interview. Those candidates who qualify for the CSS exam and interview are offered 17 scale police jobs anywhere in Pakistan. Similarly, those candidates who qualify for the PMS exam are offered 17 scale police jobs and they are posted in the concerned province. On the other hand, those candidates who pass the simple written test, physical exam and interview are selected on different scales like ASI job, SI job, and police constable job.

Intelligence Jobs

Just like other countries, there are several intelligence agencies working in Pakistan under the federal government and provincial government. There are also a lot of people who are interested to be selected in these intelligence agencies. If you are interested and want to get the intelligence officer jobs in Pakistan, then you should meet their criteria. Some of the popular intelligence agencies in Pakistan are ISI, MI, IB, FIA, CTD, CID, and CIA Police. These intelligence agencies also advertise their vacant jobs in the daily newspapers of Pakistan. If you want to get the latest jobs about these government departments, then you should daily visit the NewsPaperAds in Pakistan is one of the most popular jobs websites that take these jobs from newspapers and then publishes it for their valued viewers.

Judicial Jobs

Judicial jobs are mostly offered in the courts. It is considered another one of the most important and attractive government jobs. You can become judicial officer jobs in Pakistan once you become a public prosecutor, civil judge, session judge, and High courts judge. These posts are also offered in the PMS exams, PSC exams,s, and other departmental tests. When a person qualifies for these exams, he/she is offered 17 scales, government jobs, in the judiciary department.

Law enforcement Agencies Jobs

Like other government departments of Pakistan, the Law enforcement agencies also publishing their vacant jobs vacancies in the daily newspapers of Pakistan. If you want to work and get jobs in any of law enforcement agency then you should daily read multiple Urdu & English newspapers. However, if you feel it difficult to purchase several English and Urdu newspapers on daily basis then you should visit the most popular jobs portal website of NewsPaperAds and visit your desired newspapers and search for your dream jobs.

We are providing almost each and every newspaper’s ads, scan it and then publish on our website. Some of the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan are the Police department, Dolphin Force, Elite Force, Pakistan Railway Police, and more. Like other government departments, these agencies provide their ads to the daily newspapers to be published for the public interest.

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