Important Skills That Emplyers are Looking in College Graduate

Are you ready to start your first job after college? Prepare to put your skills to the test. Employers search for a few particular abilities in new graduates, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2021 poll.

The top 10 most sought-after traits and talents to include on a resume that hiring managers are looking for from this year’s graduating class are listed below. So, if you’re looking for an entry-level job, keep reading to find out what these abilities are and how to perfect them, and don’t forget to visit Monster’s grad site for much more useful information.

Employers Look for 10 Skills in New Grads
1. Ability to Work as Part of a Group
It should go without saying that no one loves the employee who wants to be the centre of attention. However, unlike your college career, when you are essentially the only one who can make or break your success, the workplace relies on teams of individuals to complete tasks. It’s no surprise that 81 percent of hiring managers want to know if you can work effectively with a variety of personalities.

You’ll have to learn how to delegate, accept direction, appreciate differences of opinion, and play to your talents and limitations, as well as those of your coworkers. It all comes down to being dependable and trustworthy as a team player.

Problem-Solving Capabilities
Employers want to see new college graduates with strong problem-solving skills, according to 79% of them. Many hiring managers utilise behavioural interview questions to measure a job candidate’s problem-solving abilities, such as “tell me about a time when” or “give me an example of.” As a result, you’ll want to develop tales that portray you as a problem solver.

You don’t need work experience to demonstrate that you can solve problems. Consider moments when you were proactive, inventive, or very responsive to a situation, such as when you assisted in the resolution of a customer complaint at the campus coffee shop. Even better: Demonstrate that you took the initiative to identify and remedy an issue.

3. Critical-thinking abilities
Many hiring managers (76.1 percent) prefer to recruit entry-level workers with analytical abilities, which means they’re looking for critical thinkers who can acquire and assess data before making sound judgments based on it.

4. Ability to Communicate Verbally
Good verbal communication skills are a must-have for fresh graduates, according to 73.2 percent of hiring managers polled. Communication skills help you create relationships with coworkers and set the tone for how others view you.

Job interviews are the perfect time to show off your verbal communication skills. Answering interview questions succinctly goes a long way. You should also ask open-ended inquiries to indicate that you’re interested in the position.

5. Communication Skills in Writing
Employers will always value good communication as one of the most important skills. According to the poll, 72.7 percent of managers believe that writing ability is the most desired hard talent among recent college graduates. As a result, sending a well-written cover letter is critical.

On your CV, you should highlight experiences that illustrate your writing abilities. Include it on your resume if you offered to be the scribe for a group project in college, for example. You may also include writing examples with your application, depending on the nature of the industry—for example, marketing, communications, or journalism. A writing portfolio speaks for itself and demonstrates your abilities on the paper.

6. Leadership Capabilities
It’s a difficult task: 67.8% of hiring managers want candidates with strong leadership abilities. There are methods to demonstrate to potential employers that you have leadership potential before you even start working.

Highlight any leadership positions you held in college (e.g., president of the French club) on your CV. If you became the unofficial leader of a collaborative project, bring it up during your job interview.

Obtain letters of recommendation from previous internship bosses attesting to your leadership abilities. “Glowing references may seal a job offer,” says Stefanie Wichansky, CEO of Professional Resource Partners, a Randolph, New Jersey-based management consulting and recruiting agency.

7. Take the initiative
A robust 67.8% of recruiting managers said they seek freshly minted college graduates who know how to take initiative, which is tied to leadership and technical abilities. This is where the adage “show them, don’t tell them” comes into play. Cite an example of a time when you dealt directly with a challenging circumstance or when being proactive allowed you to avoid a problem in the experience part of your resume.

8. Technical Capabilities
This three-way tie is completed by technical abilities. Professionals with technical skills are needed in many areas, not only in the technology industry. For example, 67.8% of hiring managers believe fresh graduates should have technical capabilities. Explain how you’ve used your technical knowledge in the past. For example, if your CV states that you have Java experience, it should also state how you used the software in college on a specific project.

9. Adaptability and flexibility
According to the poll, 65.9% of managers want fresh graduates who can roll with the punches and land on their feet. You’ll have a hard time convincing employers that you’re worth the time and effort to train if you’re reluctant to change or learning new things. Employees learned to be prepared for anything during the 2020 pandemic, including a rapid shift from working in an office to working from home. Make it clear that you’re not afraid of change and that you’re capable of adapting to it.

Strong Work Ethic (nine out of ten)
65.4 percent of employers considering you for a position at their organisation believe that being devoted to and involved with your work is a requirement, regardless of your industry. To top it off, you don’t need any prior work experience to show that you have a great work ethic. All you have to do is show up on time, be dedicated to producing high-quality work, and aim for continuous development.

On your resume, emphasise your abilities.
You’ll want to obtain some experience now that you know what talents companies seek for in fresh graduates to turn heads. Do you require assistance with this? To get started, create a free Monster profile. We can connect you with great employment possibilities and career coaching to help you get your first job after college.

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