Tips to Make Good Impress During an Virtual Job Interview

To prepare for and improve your video interviewing abilities, use this tutorial.

There’s no denying that for many job searchers, the interview is the step that gives them the greatest anxiety. But what if you could accomplish it while relaxing at your home? Virtual interviews are the way of the future, according to many employers. Whether you live far away or need to conduct an interview remotely for another reason, video conferencing is a simple solution that many businesses use when meeting applicants “face to face.”

While certain tried-and-true techniques for establishing a good impression, like providing a strong handshake, are not permitted in video interviews, there are still numerous ways to impress your future boss from behind a screen. To prepare for and improve your abilities for video interviews, just adhere to this advice.

Get ready in advance.

Do your homework on the employer in advance, please! Check out their profile on Handshake, read reviews left by other users who have worked there or interned there, and scan current news articles about the company for updates. Your talk will flow more easily during the interview if you are better prepared to provide intelligent questions.

Review your résumé and the job description at this time as well, and think about how your prior experience could help you perform better in the position. You’ll feel more assured throughout the video conference if you are still aware of this information.

Arrive on time

One of the simplest ways to get things going well is to be on time. Although you don’t need to start the video chat at the scheduled time 15 minutes early as you would for an in-person interview, you should still do so. Make sure you have the appropriate software loaded (if necessary) and that everything is running well. You might also want to think about making a test call to a reliable buddy to iron out any connection issues.

Dress for success, even if it’s far

At the very least, ensure that you appear polished and professional. Nobody will notice if you’re wearing sweatpants with your Oxford shirt and tie thanks to the wonders of video calls! Think about wearing a button-up shirt or blouse, and be sure to groom with the same consideration you would for a face-to-face encounter. Wearing outfits that make you feel confident will not only help you create a great impression on the interviewer, but it will also help you stay focused.

Consider your Background.

If your home was covered in socks, you probably wouldn’t bring your future boss over. So don’t let them record that! Locate a spot in your home that is tidy and peaceful where you can accept the call. In order to avoid having someone stroll behind you or make a loud noise while you’re talking about your professional skills and flaws, make sure to address this with any housemates in advance.

“Eye contact” with the camera is a must

To assist you remember to gaze directly into your webcam throughout the conversation, you might want to place some googly eyes next to it. By doing this, you look to be making eye contact rather than idly glancing at your device. When trying to connect with your interviewer, maintaining eye contact—even via a laptop—helps build a feeling of sincere connection and concentration.

Stay concentrated and clearly involved.

Active listening is one technique to demonstrate to your interviewer that you are driven and interested. Think about nodding your head to show that you understand what they are saying and, if required, asking clarification questions. Take handwritten notes as well! Keep a notebook close by so you can scribble down any questions or important points from the interview without having to type aloud and interrupt the flow of the session.

Despite not using a cheat sheet, be ready.

If appropriate, be ready to show your interviewer your portfolio or examples of your work. Have several open tabs at the ready, and be willing to share your screen if the topic arises. Bring questions you’d like to ask the interviewer with you as well. It demonstrates initiative and sincere curiosity. (Here are some excellent examples of interview questions.)

After you say goodbye, keep in touch with them.

Don’t “ghost” your interviewer after the call has ended. To guarantee that you answer to recruiter communications immediately, download the Handshake app. You should also check your email at least twice a day to remain up to date on any outreach or next steps that may arrive there.

You’ll have everything you need to ace your video interview if you keep these pointers in mind. All that’s left to do is locate the ideal opportunity. Find out how to make the most of a remote internship once you’ve received an offer by reading our useful tips for obtaining a job or internship online.

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