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Newspaperads.pk is one of the leading and fast newspaper ads, jobs, tenders, admissions, scholarships and other ads posting website. The main purpose of developing and designing this website is to help those unemployed and jobless graduate/diploma/master/M.S/M.Phil./PhD holders and other types of skilled peoples who want to get notifications of all kind of jobs on real time and want to apply for it in order to get their dreamed and desired jobs for supporting their families. We also publish other type of ads from different most popular Pakistani newspapers and publish it on our website so that our viewers easily get their needed ads notification. On News Paper Ads, we also publish tenders from various Pakistani newspapers on daily basis. In this way, the contractor and the tender issuers will easily meet with each other and will final the deals. We also help students, by posting admissions and scholarships on our website, which are published in the most popular Pakistani newspapers on daily basis. Thus it helps the students a lot who are looking for admissions and scholarships in their desired schools, colleges and universities.

We can Hire for You:

If you are an organization/company/personal business and want to hire a skilled and professional employees without any type of difficulties and hurdles, we can offer our services to advertise for you. We will offer you the best suitable persons for your needed vacant position/job/post.


It is to be strictly noted that we are not directly linked with any newspaper/organization/companies, we just publish their ads, jobs, tenders, admission, scholarships, property ads and other classified ads here. Also note that we are not responsible for their accuracy.