Finding Teaching Jobs in Dubai, the Ultimate Guide & Your Path to Sucess

Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Are you looking for teaching jobs in Dubai? Don’t look further, in this article we have covered all the respects, tips and tricks by following them you would be able to get teaching jobs in Dubai. As we know that Dubai is a big city and therefore have a very large number of educational institutions, as a result it offers a large number of teaching job opportunities to job seekers.

Dubai is also known as the vibrant city and it is also the hotspot of for educators who are seeking for their rewarding teaching jobs in Dubai. On the other hand, the population of Dubai is also growing with a rapid speed, therefore, the education sector in Dubai is also flourishing with the passage of time. As a result, it offers unbelievable large number of job openings for qualified teachers from all over the world.

Now to get your desired teaching jobs in Dubai, you should have sufficient knowledge and guidance about the job market in Dubai. Because without proper knowledge and right guidance, you would not be able to navigate the job market easily and it would be daunting for you.

In this article, we have tried our best to cover these challenges that will really help you to we’ll delve into the strategies and resources that you will need to secure your dream teaching jobs in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.

First Understanding the Education Landscape in Dubai

It is very important and necessary that before you dive into your job search for Dubai, you should grasp the dynamics of the education sector in Dubai and must gain some ideas and knowledge about it. As we know that Dubai is not a small city, but its a global village or international city. In these days Dubai consist of a diverse range of educational institutions, like private schools, public schools, international schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Now each of these educational institution has its own set of requirements, hiring process and procedures and also curriculum frameworks.

Required Qualifications for Teaching Jobs in Dubai

For most of the teaching jobs in Dubai, they requires a bachelor’s degree in education field or other relevant degree. On the other hand, some educational institutions requires and prefer those candidates who have teaching certificates like QTS, PGCE or any other relevant qualifications from their home country.

On the other hand, international schools prefer to hire those candidates who has internationally recognized curriculum such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) or British curriculum (IGCSE/A-levels) qualification or certificates.

Language Requirements:

In most of the institutions, English is use as the primary language of instruction in large number of schools, but if you have bilingual or multilingual skills it would be additional edge and advantage for your career. It would also be useful for those especially for those educational institutions where diverse students are admitted and learning.

Work Permit and Visa Requirements for Teaching Job in Dubai

If you are Non-UAE resident you must requires a valid work visa that must be sponsored by your employer. Once you have your valid work visa, you would be legally allowed to work in Dubai. You must be aware that typically employers handle the visa application process. However, it is also necessary that all documentation are available for visa processing before you relocate.

Important Strategies For Finding Teaching Jobs in Dubai, UAE:




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